Transcript Video: About the Austrian Court of Audit

The Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) monitors whether the state and its institutions, the provinces and the municipalities use taxpayers‘ money effectively and economically. 

Pa Peter is in a hurry today because he has to buy a present before work. That’s why he takes Alex to the kindergarten as early as at 7 a.m. 

The ACA considers it necessary that the opening hours of kindergartens are compatible with work life; in fact, throughout the whole year.

Mum Manuela works in public administration. She is supposed to buy new computers and makes a choice based on the offers received. 

The ACA monitors whether public contracts are awarded correctly. 

Lunch time. Kim is already hungry. Fortunately, lunch is served in school.
The ACA recommends to establish healthy school buffets and to provide healthy snacks for pupils.

Ecological sustainability such as the prevention and the environmentally sound disposal of waste is also a concern of the ACA. 

Granny Berta avoids throwing away food. She is 90 years old and happy to still be able to lead a self-determined life. 

The ACA also looks into whether old-age care meets the required quality criteria. 

Family Bürger is happy that granny Berta is in good hands. For this special occasion, they take the train. 

On order to ensure that the fares are plausible, the ACA recommends to increase transparency in ticket sales. 

Pa Peter is content. He also managed to buy the present. Now it is time to celebrate!

We audit! We make the facts plain. Our recommendations point the way towards improvements. You can count on us.