The public audit network

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The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and this fact also has an impact on the demands for the Austrian Court of Audit’s work: financing concerns several states or provinces at a time, public funds are intertwined. Cooperation – be it on the national, supra-national or international level – is a must. This is why the Austrian Court of Audit works together closely and trustfully with other audit institutions in Austria and worldwide.

Cooperation with other Supreme Audit Institutions

Since President Margit Kraker took office in mid-2016, the Austrian Court of Audit, the provincial audit offices and the European Court of Auditors have strengthened their cooperation. The Austrian Court of Audit aligns its audit work with its cooperation partners in the framework of annual conferences.

The Austrian Court of Audit also performs joint audits with its cooperation partners; accompanies the European Court of Auditors during its audits in Austria; and, additionally, coordinates its actions with other Supreme Audit Institutions in such fields as finances, environment and infrastructure.

Cooperation with the National Council, the provincial parliaments and the municipal councils

All of our reports on government affairs are submitted to the National Council and to the responsible committees; most often the Public Accounts Committee is the responsible one. In this committee the members of the National Council deliberate on the audit reports. The President and the corresponding auditors take part in the committees and subcommittees.

After the Public Accounts Committee has dealt with the reports, they are discussed in a plenary session of the National Council, during which the President has the right to take the floor.The audit reports of a particular province are submitted to the respective provincial parliament. The committees and the deliberations on the reports within the provincial parliaments differ from province to province. The audit reports related to municipalities are submitted to the responsible municipal council and to the corresponding province/provincial parliament.