Austrian Court of Audit

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Transcript: Explanatory video about the Austrian Court of Audit

The Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) is the Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Austria.

More than 200 auditors examine whether public institutions use the taxpayers’ money in an efficient, effective and economic way. About 310 staff members are working at your service to ensure that the state’s expenses are reasonable.

The ACA is independent and committed to complying with the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs).

Therefore, the ACA is entitled to independently audit:

•   the Federal Government, the provinces and the municipalities
•   all areas in which public funds are used
•   the social insurance providers, and
•   the statutory professional representations (chambers).

We audit the public finances, funds and the state's administration, for example in the areas of education, arts and culture, health care, safety and security, environment and energy, transport, construction and much more.  We also audit public companies and measures to fight corruption. Overall, we audit about 6,000 public institutions.

You can find the results of the audits on our website. You can search for all of our reports in the search field on the left-hand sidebar of the home page. Each report provides an analysis of the status quo and target-oriented possible solutions.

The ACA works for the National Council, the provincial parliaments and the municipal councils. The members of the aforementioned bodies receive the reports containing the recommendations of the ACA. We also publish the unabridged versions of the reports on this website.