Stay safe in these times!


Präsidentin des Rechnungshofes - Copyright: Klaus Vyhnalek

On Fridays the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) regularly publishes its latest reports. However, everything has its time. Now is not the time for the audited entities and Parliament to deal with new reports. Until further notice, we will therefore bring the publication of our reports to a halt. 

However, the ACA will of course continue its internal activities. The auditors, for example, are preparing their reports while considering the next steps to take as soon as the circumstances permit. Many audits can then be carried out as planned. But also for the ACA, there will be a time before and after the coronavirus crisis. For some time now, the benefit created for citizens and the quality of public service provision have taken centre stage in our audits. We will draw the right conclusions from this crisis for our audit work. We will also re-eveluate our approaches taken so far in those areas that are undergoing fundamental changes due to the current circumstances (e.g. health care). Take care in these times! #staysafe