Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide: the Moscow Declaration was adopted

27.09.2019 -  "Supreme Audit Institutions need to respond to a changing world of governance and, in doing so, respond to emerging national and global challenges," states the Moscow Declaration.

Präsidentin Kraker beim Incosai in Moskau - Copyright:

The XXIII International Congress of INTOSAI was held in Moscow, Russian Federation, in end-September. The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) is the umbrella organization of external government audit. 

Margit Kraker, President of the Austrian Court of Audit, is by virtue of her position the Secretary General of INTOSAI.

At this year's Congress, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation took over the chair of INTOSAI for the upcoming three years. 

The participants of the Congress discussed the role of Supreme Audit Institutions in the achievement of national goals as well as information technologies for the development of the public administration.

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Moscow Declaration

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You can find more detailled information on the event on the homepage of INTOSAI.